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A hacker, a Saints Fan, and a dreamer, I am Yash Bolisetty, a freshmen currently attending Thomas Jefferson High School for Science and Technology. I am an individual who seeks a future in computer science due to my interests of programming, hacking, science, and more programming. Currently, I have attended multiple hackathons such as HackNC and Pennapps, which has been a pleasure to me.



I love to compete, for the satisfaction of learning something knew and getting to know my fellow peers. I have mastered numerous programming languagesJava, Swift, SQL HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and Python. I also love Tennis and Swimming, two sports which I have been doing since the beginning of my time. I love to meet others with the same interest and I wish to use my skills to help the world.




I have participated, competed, and won many of the competitions that I have participated in. Hackathons have become a new favorite in my list of accomplishments. I have recently won Most Awesome Hack at HackNC, where we developed an app to accomodate students with taking notes and recording lectures. I have participated in eCybermission, a research and technology competition, in which I was able to win both Honorary Mention, Second Place, and First Place at State Level. I am currently conducting research with two professors at the Masachusetts Institute of Technology in the field of biotechnology and I am currently working in a Harvard Startup as an Intern. I am also an aesthetic and functional iOS Developer, developing accompanying iOS Apps for two of my winning eCybermission projects.

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Links to Some of My Accomplishments

1st Place at state in eCybermission: eCybermission
2nd Place at state in eCybermission: eCybermission
Google Science Fair: Google Sciende Fair
Most Awesome Hack at HackNC: HackNC LectureBuddy

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